Frequency Formulation Technologies is a collaboration between

Kathleen Graham & Menaka Peiris

About Kathleen

Kathleen Graham is a naturally gifted intuitive with several years

experience in corporate management.  She's studied with  many spiritual teachers, however her main focus has been to work  with the Angels!

She has successfully manifested numerous profitable business & real estate transactions by drawing upon funds in her Spiritual Bank Account!

Kathleen channels, then creates, magical mufti-dimensional art pieces called "Universal Systems Generators"  that are tools for transformation, healing, prosperity, peace, or practically anything you can think of.  The source of the energies brought through into the generators varies within

the 26 galaxies that are participating in Earth's ascension process.

With her pragmatic, down-to-earth style, and a good dose of humor, she also works with the Angelic Realms to answer your questions in order to help you move forward in life.  The angels stand ready to help us with our journey of discovery. All we have to do is ask! 


About Menaka


Menaka Peiris has worked for a few Fortune 100 companies.  He managed a branch of Home Savings of America, was a claims adjuster at Mercury Insurance and was an Internal Wholesaler at American Funds Distributors.

Menaka has a wonderful ability to bring in the energetic and vibrational flow to allow in the highest frequencies that can translate into the newest technology in the physical.   He is also a talented “healer” and channel that has the ability to connect to the farthest reaches of this Universe, its dimensions and beyond.

Menaka has clear recollections of his time spent in Atlantis and the day to day technology which was used there, which may seem miraculous and unbelievable by today’s standards.

By translating frequency and vibration into the physical, both Kathleen and Menaka bring into being marvelous inventions that are helpful and supportive in opening up our beings to manifesting our heart’s desires in a simple, harmonious and elegant manner.